Brian May ahora está traumado por bullying en Instagram

2019-02-01 | 14:45 | Plano Informativo

Hace unas semanas se conocieron nuevas acusaciones contra Bryan Singer, quien fuera director de gran parte de la película de Bohemian Rhapsody. Luego que unos usuarios le dijeran al guitarrista de Queen, Brian May, que enjuiciara a Singer, él dijo que no le dijeran qué hacer y que nadie era culpable sin sentencia. Lo que generó olas de críticas.

Finalmente, May terminó pidiendo disculpas y condenando los hechos que se le acusan a Singer -violación de menores-. Aunque ahora, volvió a postear un video en su Instagram donde reflexiona sobre lo que le pasó hace unos días en redes sociales. Diciendo que es peligroso el nivel del bullying que vio y que no le extraña que esto lleve a gente al suicidio.



Packing up after a very productive photo session with brilliant photographer Rankin. Thanks @rankinarchive !!! And ... yes, I have backed off a little. I don’t feel the urge to be very interactive right now. Thanks for the good wishes, good IG pals. Thanks for caring. Yes, that sudden shitstorm last week on my own IG comments page did shock and sadden me. And it has changed the way I feel about a lot of things. It’s made me ask myself all over again why we all want to do this. Why we want to ‘perform’ on Instagram - what we are looking for. And it taught me a lesson which should have been obvious for a long time ago, and perhaps is good for us all to remember. It’s a terrible mistake to imagine that all your ‘followers’ are your friends. Thanks again to all of you who believed and supported me in my hour of being pilloried. I’m not going to do anything dramatic. I’m still here. But I will never quite feel the same about Instagram again. That feeling of trust has gone. It’s made me look again at those stories of kids being bullied to the point of suicide by social media posts from their ‘friends’, who have turned on them. I now know first hand what it’s like to feel you’re in a safe place, being relaxed and open and unguarded, and then, on a word, to be suddenly be ripped into. It’s OK - I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m a grown-up - I can deal with it. I’ll just behave a little differently from now on. Take care out there, folks - and I mean that ! Cheers! Bri

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“Es un terrible error imaginar que todos tus” seguidores “son tus amigos. Ese sentimiento de confianza se ha ido. Me ha hecho volver a mirar esas historias de niños que han sido acosados ??hasta el punto de suicidarse por las publicaciones en las redes sociales de sus supuestos amigos“, esa fue una de las palabras escritas por Brian May en su profunda reflexión.


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